Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hairy Vigina Pictures I'm Hairy Everywhere... On My Legs,arms,hair,even Vigina. And I'm A Girl. Whats Wrong And Why?

I'm hairy everywhere... on my legs,arms,hair,even vigina. And I'm a girl. whats wrong and why? - hairy vigina pictures

There is nothing wrong. Congratulations to be quite normal!

Much time to the wrong kind of message from TV and magazines, the girls are completely naked, except for the hair on his head. Note that these show the same magazines and TV ads, the girls, super thin, with tons of makeup they have been retouched and everything that is ****.

The fact of the matter is, real women have hair!

If you are with the amount of hair you are comfortable, you can always shave (wax or a cream with anti-I hate these creams .. but I have) a large eruption pause.

I hope I could offer a little piece of mind.


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